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magic school in Lille


Ecole de magie Lille et villeneuve d'asc

If you want to discover the secrets and the art of prestidigitation. our magic school "Habilit Academy" is there to welcome you and help you progress.


Classes are available  from 12 years old for all levels. They are oriented in magic called "close-up" that is to say the magic of proximity: the one that you can do very quickly to your family, friend, classmate.


At Skillful Academy you will learn the techniques and secrets of the best tricks, but not only! Some teachers trained in theater will bring their additional expertise to the art of magic in order to improve your presentation, your text, your way of dealing with difficult spectators...

These tips will allow you in the long term to be able, if you want, to do a stage number


Two classes of Levels exist:

  - Beginner: to fully understand the basics of close up magic

  - Confirmed: to go further, create a repertoire , a character, and specialize.


During the year, masterclasses can be organized in order to deepen the knowledge a little more and not to become a tour maker, but rather  a wizard !

Where and when :

Currently there are no more courses available . An update will take place August  2020.

Classes will take place on Wednesday afternoons in Lille, Ronchin  and  Villeneuve d'Ascq.  

* following the health crisis, the course can be done by videoconference if necessary.  

For more information:

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